Need a Second Opinion?

Getting a second opinion for Orthopedic Surgery is a good choice


Commonly Asked Questions

Is it too late for a second opinion?

No, it’s never too late for a second opinion for knee surgery. Dr Scott Dye, MD accepts all patients seeking a second opinion/evaluation. Contact us today to schedule your second consultation with Dr. Dye today. 

What should I bring for my second opinion?

For your second opinion consultation with Dr. Dye you should bring your X-Rays, MRI Discs, and any other information related to the appointment. The staff will also confirm with you about any other items that Dr. Dye might need during your second opinion appointment. 

What to expect during consultation with Dr. Dye?

During your second opinion consultation with Dr. Scott F. Dye, you can expect to have Dr. Dye review any X-Rays, MRI Discs, or any other information you may bring with you to the appointment. From here, Dr. Dye will use his expertise to conduct a second opinion for your knee injury.

Is a second opinion worth it?

A recent study supports the value of a second opinion. Researchers at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore have found that nearly 2% percent of all pathology reports at large medical centers are incorrect. Contact Dr. Dye to schedule your second opinion appointment.